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How to Keep Your Suede Looking As Good As New

How to Keep Your Suede Looking As Good As New

Suede is known for its short buttery nap, and has boomed in popularity across multiple industries including footwear, bags, outerwear, and more. The appeal of suede took off as the luxury article. Since then, suede continues to grow in popularity within the fashion industry, and is found more and more within wardrobes and among various fashion trends.

As beautiful as suede may be, it's also notoriously difficult to maintain. The short nap easily picks up and traps dirt, and the nature of the upper can be somewhat difficult to condition. For suede, it is essential to take the preventative care and immediate action in order to keep your suede looking beautiful for years to come.

Suede Brush & Eraser

Dry Treatment: Suede Brush & Eraser

When confronted with stains and dirt buried deep within the nap of suede, it’s best to begin cleaning with a dry treatment. The Cobbler’s Choice Suede Brush and Eraser comes with a 100% natural rubber eraser that picks up dirt buried deep in the suede while the soft nylon bristle brush revives the nap, restoring the suede back to its original luster.

To begin, brush the suede downward towards the sole. This should help remove any light surface elements residing on the suede. Then, take the Gum Eraser and lightly rub any stained or affected areas of the suede until content. Always start off with a dry treatment such as the Suede Brush and Eraser before moving onto wet treatments such as the Leather Cleaner.

Leather cleaner

Wet Treatment: Leather Cleaner

An alternative or additional treatment is to apply the Cobbler’s Choice Leather Cleaner. Simply spray the Leather Cleaner onto a clean Microfiber Cloth and gently work into the affected part of the suede. Repeat as needed and let air dry for 1 hour.

The naturally occurring enzymes and pH balancers help to effectively lift up dirt buried deep beneath the surface of the suede, while the tea tree oil acts as a natural cleaning agent and subtle conditioner on the suede's surface, which helps to rejuvenate the suede and keeps it free from toxic and harmful elements such as mildew, dirt, salt, alcohol, and more.

Waterproofing spray

Protecting Your Suede

Perhaps the most essential step in suede care is the preventative care. Refrain from wearing suede on days that it rains, snows, at crowded bars, or on pavement that has been recently salted as rain, snow, alcohol, and salt are often responsible for the dirt and stains buried deep within suede. Most importantly, always apply a Waterproofing Spray on your suede to guard it from the elements.

The Cobbler’s Choice Waterproofing Spray is free of synthetic silicons, hazardous aerosols, and petroleum. The formula consists of distilled water infused with carnauba wax, which leaves an invisible shield over the leathers surface and zero waxy finish. To use, simply apply an even coat over the surface, work into the suede, and air dry for 1 hour. For best results, we recommend you repeat the process 2-3 times or as needed.

The Waterproofing Spray is 100% all-natural and safe to use on leather, suede, and nubuck. It works to protect the leather from the elements, helping prolong the life of your products and will keep them beautiful for years to come.

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