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The Ultimate Guide to Shoe Laces

The Ultimate Guide to Shoe Laces

Shoe laces are used to secure footwear such as dress shoes, sneakers, and boots. Over the years, shoe laces have turned into a reflection of the wearer's personality, and are a great way to customize any pair of boots or shoes. They add color, contrast, and catch wandering eyes as one of the few things easily customized on a pair of shoes. Below, we'll be breaking down the different kinds of shoe laces in the market based on style, aesthetic, and function to help you find the right pair for your favorite pair of shoes.

Flat waxed cotton laces

Flat Waxed Cotton Laces

Flat Waxed Cotton Laces are a traditional lace for a reason: they're versatile enough for professional as well as everyday wear. The Cobbler’s Choice Flat Waxed Cotton Laces are made with premium ringspun combed cotton. The long staple fibers found in ringspun cotton offer top of the line durability and strength, and each and every lace is checked during production to sift out any weak or frail cotton fibers to ensure your laces will last for the long haul. The wax formula is free of hazardous chemicals and provides a beautiful shine to the lace. With over a dozen colors to choose from, the Cobbler’s Choice Flat Waxed Cotton Laces are a great addition to any pair of boots, whether you're spicing up your boots or adding a subtle finishing touch.

Round waxed cotton laces

Round Waxed Cotton Laces

Round Waxed Cotton Laces help provide a clean, minimalist, and professional look to any pair shoes. Made with the same ringspun combed cotton as the flat waxed laces, the Cobbler’s Choice Round Waxed Cotton Laces are a go-to dress lace. The ringspun cotton provides durability and strength, while the waxed finish provides the laces with a beautiful shine. Great for black tie events as well as casual wear, we offer a wide selection of colors so you can pair them with any pair of boots or shoes.

Leather laces

Leather Laces

Leather Laces add the rugged, heritage look to any pair of boots. The Cobbler’s Choice Leather Laces are made exclusively from USA hides and feature an alum tannage, leaving you with a firm, dense, and dependable lace. Flexible, strong, and versatile, leather laces are perfect for work, hiking, or everyday footwear. If you’re looking to add a more rugged look to your boots, then we recommend a new pair of leather laces!

Kevlar blend laces

Kevlar® Blend Laces

Kevlar® Blend Laces offer the perfect balance between work and play. Made with the same material as bulletproof vests, our Kevlar® Blend Laces are some of the most durable, dependable, and downright best pairs of laces you can own. Great to pair with any traditional pair of boots, these laces are versatile enough for casual wear and durable enough for work or hiking boots. Built for the long haul, these laces will stand up against any element or terrain and are ready to go wherever the day takes you.

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