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4.8 (0 reviews)


Made with all natural ingredients, the Cobbler’s Choice Shoe Cleaner provides an effective way to clean and lift dirt from the surface of canvas, finished leathers, and outsoles frequently exposed to the elements. Emollients in the solution allow for a safe clean while jojoba and coconut oil act as a natural conditioner, keeping your products safe and clean.

Product Features

  • Made with All-Natural Ingredients
  • Effectively Cleans and Lifts Dirt from Surface
  • Made with Jojoba and Coconut Oil to Safely Condition
  • Features the Cobbler’s Choice Signature Scent
  • Easy Application; Instructions on Bottle
  • Made in the USA
  • 6 oz (177 mL)

Shipping Info

  • Domestic shipping: 2-6 business days
  • Expedited shipping options available at checkout
  • View our full return policy here

What’s in the bottle?

When caring for your favorite products, the ingredients in your cleaning products make a world of difference. Every Cobbler’s Choice product is made with the best, cleanest ingredients possible to ensure a safe and lasting clean.

Learn More: Why do ingredients matter?

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Water BaseProvides a foundation for the formula.

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Tween 20Plant-based surfactant effectively lifts dirt buried deep in the surface to provide a thorough clean.

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Vegetable GlycerinPrevents the natural oils found in the leather from being stripped away.

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Natural OilsProvides the formula with a subtle pleasing fragrance.

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Coconut & Jojoba OilAllow for a subtle condition on the leathers surface making sure it doesn’t dry out!

How to use

Step 1: Apply to Affected Area
Apply the foam onto the affected area, making sure not to overly saturate.
Step 2: Gently Scrub Affected Area
With a soft bristle brush or clean cloth, scrub affected area using a circular motion.
Step 3: Leave to Dry
Air dry for 30 minutes. Feel free to repeat as needed!


out of 5
4.8 (0 reviews)

A word from our customers

This is amazing, it’s really easy to apply a very effective at cleaning. Also so far it looks as it will last a while. I have use it in both leather and suede with equally good results. If you want to save time cleaning your shoes go for it.

— Robert Y.

I use this product on my Nike Air Force Ones. It does a very good job in bringing them back to life, I'll buy again once this bottle is done.

— Brian D.

I ordered new leather boots that I needed to clean before I spray the waterproofing spray. The bottle had easy to follow directions, though it did require a bit of wait time (30 minutes) to dry. It absolutely cleaned off my boots from the bit of dirt I already got on them.

— Makayla M.

This is a great product for cleaning all types of shoes. This worked extremely well cleaning my wing tips. The foam help clean the broguing with now issues. Great product.

— Mike L.

This is the first product I've ever used to clean my good boots. The instructions are not kidding about needing to quickly work the foam around before it over saturates any one area, but once I got the idea, it was pretty easy and pleasant enough to work with.

— Amazon Customer


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