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Suede Brush and Eraser
Suede Brush and Eraser
Suede Brush and Eraser
Suede Brush and Eraser
Suede Brush and Eraser
Suede Brush and Eraser
Suede Brush and Eraser
Suede Brush and Eraser
Suede Brush and Eraser
Suede Brush and Eraser
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Suede Brush and Eraser

4.9 (0 reviews)


Caring for your suede is essential. Our Suede Brush & Eraser makes cleaning and caring for your suede easy and effective. The suede safely removes stains and dirt buried deep in the nap of the suede, and our soft bristle brush safely restores the nap of your suede to make it look good as new. Give your suede life with Cobbler’s Choice Suede Brush & Eraser.

Product Features

  • Includes One Suede Brush and One Eraser
  • Safe on Suede & Nubuck
  • Eraser Effectively Picks Up Surface Buildup
  • Soft Bristle Nylon Brush is Gentle on the Nap
  • Easy Instructions on Package
  • Globally Sourced Materials

Shipping Info

  • Domestic shipping: 2-6 business days
  • Expedited shipping options available at checkout
  • View our full return policy here

What's in the box?

When caring for your favorite products, the ingredients and materials in your cleaning products make a world of difference. Every Cobbler’s Choice product is made with the best materials and cleanest ingredients possible to ensure a safe and lasting clean.

Learn More: Why do ingredients matter?

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Gum EraserMade with 100% natural rubber.

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Suede BrushMade with 100% nylon bristles. Delicate on the suede, yet effective in lifting the nap back to its original luster.

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Beech Wood HandleWe use some of the world's most premium wood to give you a product that lasts.

How to use

Step 1: Brush the Suede
Brush the nap of the suede downward toward the sole to dislodge unwanted elements.
Step 2: Rub with the Eraser
Using the gum eraser, gently rub any affected areas to help remove any stains, dirt, or buildup.
Step 3: Brush & Enjoy!
Using the suede brush, brush downward toward the outsole to revive the nap of the suede. Repeat as needed and enjoy!


out of 5
4.9 (0 reviews)

A word from our customers

Great product. Got the dirt and stains out of the suede shoes super easily and didn’t damage the suede.

— Yael H.

Works well on my boots! Would buy again.

— Ashley D.

The stains in my suede sneakers were pretty deep, but the Cobbler's Choice Suede Brush and Eraser got those stains right out!!

— Andrew S.

I had some deep stains in my suede sneakers and it helped get them out. Suede erasers I used in the past usually changed the color of my suede or didn’t do anything.

— Amazon Customer

This product took a deep mark out of my black suede boots. It also in general cleaned them up from other less noticable marks. Simple to use, natural and handy to have around. I now maintain a new look to my boots by using this once a week. I live in the wet northeast and wear my boots at least a couple days a week. Great product!

— Amazon Customer

This saved my beloved Ugh slippers that had gotten wet and stained. Simple, easy, effective.

— Amazon Customer


100% Natural Ingredients

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